Friday, 31 August 2012


White cockerel - watercolour 
Today is the first day of the rest of my life!  

How many times do we say that?

Today I have taken the first step in blogging and am looking forward to sharing my work with you as well as having a natter about things that interest me.

Along with several other animal artists I am at present sorting artwork out for an exhibition of animal art to be held at Lytham Heritage Centre, Lancashire from the 11th September until the 30th September.

How do I feel about it?  Excited, nervous and about half a dozen other emotions as this is the first time I have helped to organise an exhibition.  It should be a marvellous mix of styles and media and it would be great to see some friendly faces!

I cannot believe how far I have come from November 2009 when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.  It had been years since I picked up a brush and took my art seriously and a chance visit to a local art shop in April 2010 started my love of painting anew.  Looking forward to seeing what the future brings!

I think this says it all;

"I believe that if we open our eyes and look, we can all see beauty everywhere around us. I live and breathe art and my aim is to open others’ eyes and hearts to it as well. " 

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  1. Hi Gill I hadn't realised you were so new to painting and how much you have achieved in the last couple of years. I'll definitely be making a visit to the exhibition although can't make the opening night - hope I get to meet you at some point, take care x